Monday, December 17, 2012

New blog address...

Hello! LONG time no talk...I thought I should pop over and tell you that I started a different blog. I know I don't deserve a second blog, considering I never write in this one, but I briefly explain the need for a new one. I always appreciated the brief glimpses into your lives and I am happy to share a different aspect of mine with you.

The new address is

All the best, Kit

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hidden Treasures

Hello all....

I had a very quiet day to myself yesterday, where I spent most of the day slowly moving about the a little bit, then resting (aka watching Oprah's Oscar Special). Grocery shopping, then resting. Cooking, then get the idea.

But the most special part of my day came when I decided to clean out a closet upstairs. I am a very nostalgic person, so I tend to hang onto things. Maybe it's in an effort not to lose that little piece of reality that you experience when you read a note, or see a picture - and it takes you right back. Even though it was all one-sided, I had such a beautiful afternoon, spending time with old friends and reading their sweet words. I felt this amazing affirmation and encouragement, that was hidden in a closet for all of these years! Here's a glimpse at my walk down memory lane:

  • My best friend, Kat. I found letters from high school graduation, pledging Zeta together, college graduation, cards just to say something funny, or not really anything at all. She's been one of the biggest blessings in my life and reading her words made me hope one thing: that I have encouraged her and shared my heart with her, the same as she did so many times for me.

  • My high school & college friend, Shannon. She is Ms. Cardmaker, Extradoinnaire! Her creations were so bright and imaginative...she just has a way of lifting you up. Every now and then, I still get a post card in the mail from her. Maybe I'll make a display in the house of my post cards from Shannon. It could fill up an entire wall!

  • My "college roommate", Whitney. Now, she has a way with words! I would tear up when I would read her cards, not because they were necessarily sad, but real. Raw. Again, I hope I told her how much she meant to me, too. And I hope she knows still how much she means to me today!

  • My Penpal, Taylor. As funny as it sounds, she and I decided to be penpals when we went our separate ways after college. She has an eye for the most thought-provoking words and I love having her hand-written letters that still challenge me to think today.

  • My mentor in college, Amy. Thank you note, after thank you note; each one meant so much. Spending time with her at Bliss was one of my best and most rewarding memories of college. If I can be half the mom and wife that she is, I think everything will turn out okay!! She brought so much to my life and I look forward to the continued friendship and realtionship.

  • Sweet Suejin: I get cards in the mail from her ALL the time, just because. Sweet Valentine's cards, birthday cards, little teeny cards just to say hello. We are so far from eachother, but seeing her handwriting and reading her words makes me feel like she's right here with me.

  • Countless sorority sisters: so many sweet handmade birthday cards, letters, pictures, sympathy cards, silly drawings....Olivia, Langford, Robley, Kristin...some of the best friends a girl can have. It made me miss everyone so much!

  • My wise mother. She never really wrote much, so when I found the few cards she would send with things like, "You make me a stronger person", I really value the compliment in her words. SHE is the strongest person I know, so to think I ever taught her something along the way is 100% humbling and precious to me.

  • My mother-in-law, Janie: something I will treasure forever is having card after card where she expressed that she's so happy her son found can't imagine how special that is. She's so easy to talk to and I am so thankful for her love for me. And SO thankful for the love she has for Justin.

I know I am missing some of the things I found...Save-The-Dates, wedding invitations, thank you cards, baby announcements - it was like I saw my life (and yours!) flash before my eyes (if you consider 3 hours a "flash" anyway, haha.).

It was so fantastic. I hope you have the time to rummage through your things one day, line by line. Word for word. Chances are, it'll mean the world to you. It did to me.

All the best.......