Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sad News

I bet most of you already know from Facebook that we lost Owen over the weekend, but I just couldn't stand for my last blog post to be talking about having fun with Owen and "going to war" with him over the backyard, especially now that it seems so trivial. He fell victim to distemper and by the time we caught it, he had already gone into the "neuro" stage. For an adult dog who had all of his vaccinations to even get distemper said a lot about his weak immune system...poor little guy.
It was pretty much one of the most awful things to go through, especially because I had a bit of an unhealthy love for that dog. This was me for the last 5 days:

Anyway...that's what's new with us. Wish I had better news or something exciting to report, but I'm sure in due time, I will. Especially since I've already talked with Santa about what he better bring me for Christmas.

All of our love....to you and your pups :)