Thursday, July 7, 2011

Well, HELLO!

I won't even bore you with the, "I'm so sorry, I promise to post more" rant because quite frankly, I am not sure I can keep any promises like that these days! Work's been so busy and soawesome - so I guess if I can trade being happy in my job for having abundant time to write in my blog - then that's a fair trade.

But what I did realize is that when I don't post, I don't read your posts, either. So, shame on me - I've missed out on so much! So many beautiful babies and happy friends - it's so great to catch up on the lovely little details of my friends' lives.

So what's going on in my world!? Hmm. Let's see:

Well, my precious NIECE was welcomed into this crazy world on May 31, 2011. She's absolutely perfect and I have already seen her 3 times in her 5.5 weeks of being alive (Aunt of the Year, 2011). Everything went really great and my sister made it all look so easy! I look up to her so much and I know I'll rely on her VERY heavily when it's mine and Justin's turn. Her advice will be so precious to me. Here's her pretty little face:

And pretty her little belly:

And lets see, what else.....well, me and Justin have been having a blast together. He makes me laugh and I enjoy his company every day. Here's his pretty little face:

And as for our house, we're "completely done" as Justin would say, and "almost done" if you were to ask me instead. We have a landscaper coming to our house tomorrow to assess the Owen/Fletcher damage in the backyard and hopefully we'll have a lovely little space to entertain in a few weeks...I DO promise to post pics, once we see some progress.

But in the meantime, here's Fletcher's pretty little face (he's mad at me in this picture because his dog friends just left our house):

But in all truth, I hardly have time to look at the news on weekdays anymore - unless it's the day they announced the Casey Anthony verdict - so blogging has definitely taken a backseat. But I enjoyed spending a little time with each of you this evening, even if just through blogging, and I look forward to doing it again soon (hopefully).

All my best to you & yours...