Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Christmas as a Dillon

So I just spent my last Christmas at my parents' house as a Dillon daughter.

I didn't think anything of it until Dad was saying the prayer at dinner and he said, "...and thank you for bringing Kit home to us for her very last Christmas..."

Although we must excuse my father, because I think he was just giving me a hard time, there is some truth to it. From now on, we'll be doing the split holidays, traveling during snow storms and important football games.

So, in honor of Christmas as I've known it, here are some photos of "Christmases Past":

My beautiful sister & I

Bailey opening her COAL from Justin

Last Christmas with Ma & Sis

At the old house...

Actually I think this is Thanksgiving?

At the Gaylord with the fam - in 2006, I think

Dillon Girls!

But the good news is, I am very much looking forward to Christmases Future. I'm excited to wake up in footed pajamas with Justin and drink coffee and open a zillion presents with him, Owen and our families..

So, here are some photos of Christmas as I will know it:

Justin and I at Jeff & Tara's

My future sister-in-law, Anna!

AND! Gasp! Now you know I wore the same shirt twice during the holiday season.

Hope your holidays were Merry & Bright.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

where to start?

So I haven't blogged since I made my promise...sounds a lot like a New Year's Resolution to me...but let's get (re)started with something simple: WEDDINGS! Particularly, my wedding!

I am not your typical girl who squeals and hollers over weddings...but now that I get to do my own, I'm that girl who doesn't stop thinking/talking about it. And since I haven't done anything creative in so long, I am completely immersed in our theme. I'm even obsessive about it.

So here are some pictures that jump started our bee theme.

No's a BEE! But that's the style I'm going for (harder to find than you'd think....)

This is my background for everything I make myself...which hasn't been much more than the website so far..but my invitation looks similar to this, too.

Sweet. Not sure what this is. But it's sweet.

Ya, not a bee. But to keep with an antique theme, I want to incorporate a variety of crests however I can, i.e. invitation, program, menu? Am I doing a menu? Not sure yet....maybe I could get a caterer first....

Anyway, there's a post for ya! Maybe tonight I'll take a picture of the honeycomb vases I've bought and share those, too.

Much love.