Wednesday, December 30, 2009

where to start?

So I haven't blogged since I made my promise...sounds a lot like a New Year's Resolution to me...but let's get (re)started with something simple: WEDDINGS! Particularly, my wedding!

I am not your typical girl who squeals and hollers over weddings...but now that I get to do my own, I'm that girl who doesn't stop thinking/talking about it. And since I haven't done anything creative in so long, I am completely immersed in our theme. I'm even obsessive about it.

So here are some pictures that jump started our bee theme.

No's a BEE! But that's the style I'm going for (harder to find than you'd think....)

This is my background for everything I make myself...which hasn't been much more than the website so far..but my invitation looks similar to this, too.

Sweet. Not sure what this is. But it's sweet.

Ya, not a bee. But to keep with an antique theme, I want to incorporate a variety of crests however I can, i.e. invitation, program, menu? Am I doing a menu? Not sure yet....maybe I could get a caterer first....

Anyway, there's a post for ya! Maybe tonight I'll take a picture of the honeycomb vases I've bought and share those, too.

Much love.


  1. Can't wait for your wedding!!! You're going to be a BEEEEEEEEEE-AUTIFUL Bride!!! (Sorry, that was cheesy but I wanted to stick with the theme!!!)

  2. Kit! I didn't know you had a blog! This is so fun and i am SO excited for your wedding and the chance to photograph it! I'm adding you to my links so I can check in more often! ;o)