Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blogs inspired by blogs!

So I can't wait until Tuesday to write again, or else I'll feel like my blog is somewhat empty..

And I was thinking about other blogs that have had a resonance with me, one being a blog Taylor and I read together one night, during an evening coupled with wine & Bon Iver playing on repeat.

Bon Iver's music is one of those things that I accidentally became an advocate for - and at no charge to Bon Iver! I started telling as many people as I could, "download Bon Iver..." sometimes even as my signature at the end of a phone call...

Mom: Glad you had a good day, I'll talk to you again later this week.
Kit: Okay Ma, love Bon Iver.

But anyway, I was lucky enough to get to see Bon Iver at ACL this year, an experience that I shared with Justin. It was perfect because Justin introduced Bon Iver to me (naturally, he's actually the musical explorer and I'm just a lazy copy-cat) and I couldn't imagine seeing them for the first time without him.

Here are some pics from our "experience".

All dry before the rain storm swept ACL

Karma worked it out and the rain poured and poured during his set. Bon Iver is ideal when paired with a soupy backdrop.

I remember the day Justin heard about Bon Iver and he called me, put me on speaker phone and just belted out the words to Skinny Love...I wish I could relive that phone call over and over again. I felt like a giddy 8th grader, falling in love with this guy who had a passion for something. Though the words to Skinny Love are so painful and tortured (lovelorn, if you will), to me it means falling in love.

All this to say, download Bon Iver!

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