Thursday, March 11, 2010

keeping my head above water!

Well....only 16 days left!

With a job change and a wedding coming up, it's safe to say that I am just trying to keep it together. Well I say that...and I think I have prepared myself to break down at some point, but I feel great. I am loving the job change, I am loving wedding prep, I am loving every bit of everything going on in our lives right now.

We are so blessed. God is so good.

And only one more week of work until I can totally switch gears and be devoted to preparing for one of the best days of our lives. And then only two weeks and I can make a promise before friends, family and God to love and cherish Justin. Forever. :)

Two weeks doesn't seem like a long time until you're waiting to be MARRIED! But it'll come soon enough. That's what I'll repeat to myself every day, every hour, til it's time to pull the trigger!


  1. Ditto on Amy's question. To the rest of your post: Weee!I know that waiting feeling all too well, but I am super excited for you. You deserve everything the perfect wedding day has to offer. Also, can you put a photo of your invites? I'm dying to see them!

  2. I just moved from recruiting to sales, at the same place. Yay!