Monday, June 7, 2010

Sick Puppy!

Last night when I got home from NYC, Owen was acting normal & fine...bouncing off the walls like any other day.

Then all of a sudden, he wasn't himself. He was trembling and whimpering...he even crawled into his mother's lap for some TLC:

So what did we do? Got online to diagnose the problem ourselves! Ha! I decided he might have low blood sugar and the almighty world wide web recommended that I feed him a few spoons of honey.

This was the poor sap when I fed him honey:

I think he thoroughly enjoyed the honey...but turns out that he hurt his spine (glad I'm a recruiter and not a vet)...probably doing something crazy like chasing a horse or clearing a king size bed in one swift jump.

The vet gave me some meds to keep on hand in case he throws out his back again. And she wasn't as proud of me as I was of myself for feeding him honey...since it made no sense to do it in the first place.

But! All's well that ends well. Today he's acting normal, dragging limbs in from outside that at a glance look like human arms. We're glad he's back to normal, even though he's a world-class snuggler when he's sick.

Hope you all have a good week....

(and Owen)


  1. Ugh! Sick animals are the worst because they have no way to tell you what is wrong! Glad he's all better. Miss you.

  2. Well,'re back!

    Love the picture of that big old baby in your cute!