Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the Dog House

Am I crazy!?

Why....on the exact same day that Owen did this:

(Yes..that's our beloved arm chair)

.....all I can think about is this:

This is the e-mail we got today from our breeder
of the last puppy left of his latest litter...

Is it motherly love? Owen can do no wrong so now I need two (that can't be it)? Who knows. All I know is, I will go to sleep with two things on my mind...1. wishing that puppy was MINE and 2. wishing Owen hadn't eaten our chair....perhaps opposites attract.

I think the PERHAPS is that we are not ready for a second puppy, no matter how cute that puppy is or how much of a sucker I am.

Goodnight OWEN. I hope you have sweet dreams of the days you were allowed up on the furniture.

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