Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cake Walk

So I can't/haven't/won't decide what kind of cake(s) to do for the wedding! My mom is making them and she's spending the week before the wedding up at the farm with me so the nice thing is, I have some time to decide....but I'll share a few images with my fan base (of 6) and see if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions. Enjoy.

This one "takes the cake" - maybe not so outdoorsy?
But repetition is the way to my heart. Especially clever repetition.

Like I said...repetition is the way to my heart...
I'm thinking 3-4 totally different shape/heights but all really simple.

Simple - also the way to my heart.
And Justin actually said he liked this one instead of saying
those three little, magical words, "I don't ca

This is a piece of ART...and probably not fair to spring on my mom.
Plus I think I like the repetition better but....howwww bee-utiful!



  1. Love, love, love the multi cake plan! But I also love that simple cake a ton. You can't go have great taste! So good talking to you today...

  2. I wonder if you could "emboss" a cake with a honeycomb pattern. Or maybe do swirly bee trails of tiny dots ala kindergarten art class. Oh Kit, Amy is right; you have wonderfully chic taste and I cannot wait to see pictures of it all coming together!


    Saw these, thought of you. Because you totally need more people giving you more choices. Muah!

  4. Love pic numero dos. Beaaautiful! Whatever you choose it'll be great and no doubt, delicious. In the end, we're all going to eat it, right? :)

  5. Kit, she can do whatever you want AND what is better than the perfect will taste amazing and people will be excited and impressed....I know we were! Best wishes sweet girl!