Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good news about my dad

Back in November my family and Justin's family went to Napa together. Towards the end of the trip, my dad was put in the hospital very suddenly for having pneumonia. He actually had double lung pneumonia and he was in the hospital in Napa for a week after our vacation.

Everything has been fine & well since he was released and sent home to Arlington, except there has been spot on his right lung that the doctors haven't been happy with. So since he got back home, they've been monitoring it and seeing if it was just something lingering from the pneumonia - or something they needed to look further into.

Finally, his doctor thought it would be best to do a PET scan to be sure it wasn't cancer in his lung (scary...). On Monday he had the PET scan done and then on Tuesday we found out that there is a tumor, but thankfully it's benign! But you know, when I talked to my mom, there was a moment where I held my breath, closed my eyes and wondered if I was ready for what I was about to hear. But thankfully when my mom said, "Have you talked to your dad?" what quickly followed was, "he does have a tumor's benign."

The plan for now is to continue to monitor the tumor over the next few months and they're not anticipating any surgery or anything drastic right now.

I have been very lucky to have 2 healthy, active parents and I can't tell you how glad I am that their health isn't in jeopardy.But this week I've had it on my heart to say a quick prayer for those who have run into health scares or health issues recently. We dodged a bullet this time, but I know there are others out there who probably got phone call with bad news this week. We just have to pray for strength to face tough situations and know that God's in control.

But all of this to say, this week we can celebrate this good news and I'm glad to say my dad does NOT have lung cancer!

Have a great week. Much love to you & your families.


  1. Wow, this hits home! I didn't even know that was going on with your dad. My mom had her 6 mo check up at MD Anderson at Christmas time, they found a spot on her lung and we had to go 2 wks ago for scans to see if her melanoma had metastasized to her lung. We, also, got a good report...they will re-evaluate in June. I know the feeling of "we dodged a bullet this time" and immediately wanting to pray for those who didn't get a good report. We're both blessed!