Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's war, Owen!

And we'll win, because we're the humans!

That's right - we are RECLAIMING OUR BACKYARD!!!

Owen rules the roost in our backyard and honestly, it's been great to have a huge porch for him to have shelter during rain, storms, etc. while we are away at work.


That also means our porch is covered in Owen's prize sticks he wants to show us and a bunch of other nasty crap that he drags in from the yard (i.e. buried dog collars from previous residents, or the Saint Joseph figurine that previous residents buried to try to voodoo someone into buying the house...the list goes on). So the porch has been a glorified dog kennel for the last year... and that's got to change!

My dad recently visited and he was going on and on about how he loved our house. And then he said, "But let me be clear. When I say your house looks good, that does NOT include your back porch."

So last night, we bought an outdoor dining table on Craigslist and I just had to share!

A view from afar...

A view close up...

And of course, Helper Owen who doesn't realize we're taking over!


  1. Oooo, Kit, that's really nice. I love the slate-look top. Do you have other plans in store or are you going to lull Owen into a sense of security by lying dormant for awhile?

  2. Well I found this sofa and arm chair set I want but the lady on Craigslist won't call me back - I've been stalking her like WHOA!