Monday, February 7, 2011

Major Overhaul on the Peltier Household

Well, this weekend was nothing if not productive. I didn't stick exactly to my bullet points from Thursday, but I think the things we did were more productive than watching Teen Mom; it was more than I imagined we could do in a weekend...Justin was so helpful and such a good sport and we really both felt really good about everything we were able to do!

Here's a peek at what all we did:

Half Bath Overhaul (before)

We replaced the light fixture a while back and hadn't patched up the spot yet (I could tell you it was because we had this project on the horizon, but that's a lie).

This was the bathroom vanity that was originally in the bathroom - nice, just not our taste

...and this was after we removed everything - my clean slate! Isn't that awful!?

Half Bath Overhaul (after)
My plumber...

the finished product! A new vanity/sink and a fresh paint job did wonders.

...and I finally hung these Pottery Barn boards I've had for over a year and couldn't find the right spot for they're over the toiled.
Do you ever do that - love something so much you can't commit to any ONE spot??

Now on to the next project:

Entryway Chandelier

...out with the old

My Electrician

...and in with the new!
I love the way it looks at night - very ranch/country house

And the last project:

Guest Bathroom Cabinet Redo (before)

I wanted to get a better "before" shot but my eager construction worker had the cabinet sanded before I could take one...and I definitely think that having someone sand it for you is better than getting a good "before" shot

Guest Bathroom Cabinet Redo (after)

the first coat of paint on the cabinet

...and with the doors & drawers in! (the sink faucets are next...)

This is the hardware I've picked out, but Hobby Lobby only had 2 and I needed 6 so I'll pick up more today.

That about sums it up! This little guy was a great helper too:

Sorry for the longest post ever...but it was all well worth the work and we look forward to sharing future projects around the house!


  1. Whoa!! Looks like Mr. P needs a vacation...and a plaque for Husband of the Year. Love all the changes...and the shower curtain :) Looks like you're ready for guests...

  2. Yay!! Thank you for posting these:) Super proud of how productive you and were this weekend!!!!

  3. KIT!!!!! Y'all did an amazing job!!! I can't wait to see it in person! We want to come by and meet Fletcher too - tell us when! XOXO! (Want to come tackle our house next??)

  4. Kit I LOVE these before and after pics. You are so lucky to have such a handy man so y'all can do these fun things yourselves. Luke and I would just be staring at each other in confusion! :)