Friday, February 11, 2011

Today I'm thinking of....

My future niece...Presley

A few weeks back, Justin and I were talking with a couple-of-couples about going on a dreamy trip to Belize the first week of June. But...then I remembered, "wait! Our niece could be born while we're gone! We can't make plans like that!" Not that I forgot, it just seems so far away until she actually arrives and I hadn't made the mental calendar note to make plans around her debut!

But now I can't stop thinking....there's going to be an actual baby girl one the other side of that baby bump my sister has grown! I wonder, will she be shy, like my sister was? Or will she be bossy like her Auntie Kit was? Well, we know she will be tall, because that's just science, but will she be athletic like her mommy and daddy both are? Will she be a daddy's little girl or a mommy's girl? Haha, if karma exists, she will probably give mommy a run for her money...but only time will tell.

I can't wait to love on her, spoil her, steal her away for weeks at a time and let her break all of the rules....I will introduce my children to this little girl; God willing, my children will have a very special and strong bond with THIS LITTLE GIRL. That little girl right there in that picture!

....Little Miss Presley will be a huge part of life as we know it. It's funny to think that in a year's time, we will look back and not even KNOW what life was like without her.

Seriously, it almost brings me to tears to imagine knowing and loving this little girl.

I already do so much.


  1. She's a very lucky little girl! And, the next time you post an ultrasound on a baby, would you title it "THIS IS NOT MY BABY" so that I don't have a heart attack when I pull up your blog and see the picture and think it's yours?! :)

  2. This made me tear up, it doesn't take alot these days to do that but still!!!! You are going to be the best aunt!!!

  3. You will be a terrific aunt. Enjoy every minute of will always feel like she's partially yours.