Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the go......

I feel like this sums up my life for the last few weeks:

Except I've only actually gone on one flight....haha.

But I went to St. Louis for work to visit our lovely contractors and he weather was perfect - crisp & chilly. I always love travelling for work because it's a great way to break up the week - but I swear - I've been playing catch up ever since...

We also recently went to Austin to visit Justin's sister while she's doing her internship. It was so fun - we shopped, ate, saw live music - life was grand. And while we were there we also toured the Capitol, which I had never visited! Now I feel like a good ol' fashioned, bona fide Texan.

My Texas Boy

And, I learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em - which also boosts my status as a bona fide Texan, I might add. This was ACTUALLY one of my [winning] hands:

Everyone agreed that Justin better book us a ticket to Vegas while I'm hot!

But that's a little summary of our busy little life.

Thankfully, next week we're taking a few days off to celebrate our First Anniversary together in New Orleans! I won't give too much away about it so I can blog about it next week! All I'll say is there are evening gowns, tuxes and beads involved...

That's it from me - take care! Oh, and Les Bon Temps Rouilles!

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