Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Um Excuse Me!?

I'm travelling for work this week and I've chosen to waste my alone time on surfing Twitter, E! Online and Facebook....and when I saw this news story I'm about to share, I almost fell over off of my king sized bed here at the Hampton Inn!

So, my answer to this question: Uh, YES!

Not even just YES but ABSOLUTELY!

I mean, I knew I was indulging in some trashy content, but...that's a bit much. I don't even want to learn about that, "natural part of motherhood", as they call it, and I'm actually approaching my baby-makin' years! I'm going to go ahead and side with the critics because I think some things are better left to be discovered.

But then again, my sister and I had the baby doll that you were supposed potty train and we loved that doll.

Ya? Not the same? I know. But still weird that someone invented a doll that you potty train. Or breastfeed, for that matter.

Anywho! Now that I'm all caught up on the weird things happening in the world, I'm off to rest my poor, borderline abused brain so I can at least pretend to be intelligent during client meetings tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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